David Harrington, M.A.

David Harrington (*1973), born to a German mother and an Irish father, took his first piano lessons when he was five years old. He continued the piano training until he was 24, of which Frank Guzinski was his teacher for the last ten years.
He won the TELDEC piano competition and was awardee at “Steinway & Sons” and “Jugend Musiziert”. When David was eight years old, he played four-hand piano with Richard Clayderman on his European tour. After graduating from high school (Abitur), David Harrington studied in Berlin and Hamburg. He received his Magister Artium (Master of Arts) in the field of musical theatre at Free University of Berlin. Further engagements followed in about 15 musical productions, including PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and DIRTY DANCING. From 1999 to 2009 David Harrington was music director of Schmidt’s Tivoli Theater on the Hamburg Reeperbahn.

The DAVID & GÖTZ duo was formed in 2009. The duo gives concerts worldwide on two grand pianos and is a regular highlight at gala occasions and events.

Dr. Götz Östlind

Götz Östlind (*1977) studied piano under Conrad Hansen’s alumni Gisela Stumme and Prof. Lev Natochenny. After graduating from high school (Abitur), he studied Applied Cultural Studies and Business Administration. He earned his Ph.D with a dissertation on “Counterpoint in Film Music”. Götz Östlind was one of the winners of the piano contest of “Klassik Radio”. Up to now, he composed six piano sonatas as well as several symphonic works for piano and orchestra. Götz, successfully, demonstrated his absolute pitch in the German TV show »Wetten, dass..?« (in the US known as “Wanna bet!“ and in Britain as “You bet!”) by identifying, several times in a row, the exact notes of four piano keys played at the same time and became the audience’s favorite, known as “bet king”. Thereafter, he gave national and international performances with concerts in, e.g., China and Japan.

The piano duo DAVID & GÖTZ

DAVID & GÖTZ impress with virtuoso pianism on two concert grands as well as with performance and singing. The show is presented with a gentle sense of humor. The duo gives concerts providing an evening full of entertainment in concert halls, city and state theaters, at cultural festivals, galas and private events. DAVID’s & GÖTZ’ presentations are well linked and suit the occasion. The show can be performed in English. The duo gives about 70 concerts a year.

David Harrington, dressed in black playing the white grand piano, Götz Östlind, dressed in white playing the black grand piano. The instruments stand in across from each other and the pianists look at each other while playing. The artists’ show includes next to rock, pop, swing and classical music also funny songs. Both piano players are presenting and singing. Moreover, piano and vocal solo performances are part of the show. All compositions are arranged by DAVID & GÖTZ themselves. Each song is unique. The role allocation on stage: David is the born entertainer, Götz is the smart gentleman. These striking contrasts provoke an artful look – a balancing act between absurdity and musicianship.


The piano duo DAVID & GÖTZ play a broadly defined Repertoire. Each composition is arranged by themselves for two pianos. The show’s focus is on complex adaptations of well known
Pop Songs, Rock’n Roll, Boogie Woogie, Swing und Evergreens. Famous works of classical concert literature are part and parcel in the duo’s concerts. This includes classical orchestral works which usually are not performed on two instruments, like extracts from Mozart`s Operas or from 5.Ludwig v. Beethoven`s symphony no.5. Singing interludes and duets are always part of the program, too. A distinguishing feature is the humoristic presentation with wich both artists host the show.

Remarkable Venues

In 2017 , the duo made its orchestral debut with the the orchestra of the Vereinigten Bühnen Wien in the Ronacher.

In2016DAVID & GÖTZ gave a full-length big concert at the Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg. This concert is, until now, the biggest piano duo concert of the world.

In 2015, they guested at Camp Marmal, Mazar-e Sharif/Afghanistan giving a concert for the Bundeswehr (German Army) and international ISAF troops.

Between 2011 and 2014 DAVID & GÖTZ gave three guest appearance concerts in Tokio, Japan, for an international audience in the WESTIN GRAND HOTEL.

In 2013 the duo performed as the opening act at the German Formula 1 Grand Prix. On the roof of the Nürburgring pit lane there were two grand pianos and DAVID & GÖTZ sang the German National Anthem. Right away, the race started. This performance was broadcast worldwide.

In 2011 DAVID & GÖTZ gave a concert in the auditorium of the Renaissance Hotel in Moscow.

In 2011 DAVID & GÖTZ guested in Dubai and gave a concert in front of 99 chosen guests in Burj Khalifa, with its 827 meters the tallest skyscraper in the world. Other concerts took place at EMIRATES MALL DUBAI and one in the DUCTAC THEATRE. The duo played on luminescent concert grands, which changed color. The recording of the show led to an international DVD production (DAVID & GÖTZ – WORLD TOUR).

2009: Oasis in Marrakesch – a concert for an international audience in an oasis at 40 degrees Celsius. The pianists rode in on black and white dromedaries.


The duo performs exclusively on board the cruise ship MS EUROPA.

In Germany, DAVID & GÖTZ give 70 concerts a year.

Promotion of Young Musicians, Pianists and Singers

Selection and PROMOTION OF YOUNG TALENTS who combine piano – singing – show.

Before their concerts, DAVID & GÖTZ offer single piano lessons for children in the respective city or region.

2015 Piano show competition KSW (Klavier-Show-Wettbewerb, for children between 7 and 14 years of age. The final of the KSW took place at the Steinway house in Hamburg.

The winners of the KSW 2015 performed in DAVID & GÖTZ’s concert at theBarclaycard Arena in Hamburg.

Television (a selection)

Print media


  • CD Album „An zwei Flügeln!“ (2009) LC 16018 Best.-Nr. 6406216
  • CD Album “The Fabolous Bechstein Boys” (2009) LC 6932 Kat.-Nr. 11009
  • CD Album „Wirtuos. Witzig. Weltklasse“ (2012) LC 24774060-2
  • CD Album „1 Duo. 2 Flügel. 3 Duette” (2013) LC6932 Kat.-Nr. aabaa 201301
  • CD Album “LIVE” (2015) LC 6932 Kat.-Nr. Aabaa 02/2015